Code of Conduct

As part of the assessment process to obtain Trusted status, our service providers agree to our Code of Conduct. The Code is there to give consumers the best possible protection.

As a Trusted Business

You shall:

  • ·        Act diligently and in accordance with the technical and professional standards of your relevant trade and/or service.
  • ·        Only carry out work that falls within your professional competence and exercise due care and skill at all times.
  • ·        Respect the confidentiality of information that you obtain through work and business relationships.
  • ·        Always act with integrity. To be reliable, efficient and to be polite and courteous at all times
  • ·        To treat all customers equally and to be committed to equality and diversity
  • ·        Carry and present upon request, photo identification
  • ·        Acknowledge all complaints and offer a course of action to the Customer within 28 days for all complaints.
  • ·        Only employ persons legally entitled and properly qualified. Proper due diligence should always be afforded in this area
  • ·        All prices and estimates for services should be clear and unambiguous. It should be clear whether IVA is included or to be added.
  •        Employers should make available to all employees this Code of Practice and encourage their employees to read and become familiar with it.